What exactly is a Pagan Kitchen Witch?
- As an Eclectic Pagan Kitchen Witch, my deity devotion includes chthonic goddesses from more than one pantheon and my Sabbat observations are centered around cooking/food. I also dabble in crafting apothecary wares.

What camera and photo editing software do you use?
- I shoot with a Canon 50D equipped with a 50mm f/1.4 lens or my iPhone 7 Plus, and I edit with Photoshop CS4 on my Mac or Afterlight and VSCO Cam on my iPhone.






What does "The Wild In-Between" mean?
- I am a lover of the liminal spaces--the hours just as the sun sets and the moon rises, those moments between deep sleep and wakefulness, the doorways that frame out each new opportunity--and I am not trying to live my life only getting from one big moment to the next. Instead, I want to honor, revel even, in all those wild bits found in between.

How long have you been reading tarot?
- I have been around/involved with tarot all my life personally, but I have been reading for others for about eight years consistently.