Write anything.

There is a well known quote that suggests you "write what you know."

What happens, then, when what comes is foreign to us? What happens when the words don't come at all, even though you feel them there? What do we do when we need a bit of guidance, a constellation to follow as we navigate our way?

See, that's where someone like Jeanette LeBlanc comes along.

I have been a writer since . . . well, since I can remember, really. But, sometimes, I get stuck. Whether that means I get caught up in my head or feel as if I am falling behind at life, I get stuck and then the words don't come. Or they do, but they need coaxing.

See: Jeanette.

I took her Unleashed: A 12 Week Writing Workshop last year and it helped free up my words immensely. Not only did the workshop give me the space and structure I needed to get back to my writerly ways, but it also encouraged me to pick my camera back up again--two things I desperately needed.

As luck would have it, Jeanette's new Unleased workshop begins July 5th. Which means if you, too, have found your muse needs a bit of wooing, if maybe the words are there but just beyond your grasp, maybe it's time you reached out for a compass. It's not a map of your world, by any means, not the end all and be all . . . but it surely will help lead you out of the dark waters of doubt.

* Affiliate links contained within this post, but all opinions are my own. Because I really did take the workshop and it really did help me.