Do. The. Work.

It's been … well, far too long since I've sat with a deck.

Sometimes I worry that they'll forget me or we'll forget each other and have to rebuild our relationship. And then I remember that's not how it works for me. They'll chastise me, sure, but the energy is there, the way we understand each other doesn't change.

Sometimes I wish they coddled me, allowed me to only see the positive to a situation. And then I remember we don't work like that, and I wouldn't want it any other way.



A quick spread to check in with myself.

"What do I need to know about 1) myself, 2) my body, 3) my art, and 4) my future career?"

1. The Fool.
2. Six of Pentacles, inverted.
3. Page of Wands, inverted.
4. Three of Cups.

All reminders to find my footing and not be afraid to take that first step, be gentle with myself, put in the work, and find my community.

And, yet again, I am reminded why I come back to the cards time and time again.

* Deck: LinestriderTarot by Siolo Thompson

The Most Holy.


What to you is most holy?  

The way they smell fresh from sleep. That dimple in his left check. "I love you" whispered after hours of talking in the dark. His freckles. New pajamas on Christmas Eve, and their eyes on Christmas morning. Driving in the desert, the windows rolled down and the night air warm against my skin. The sun as it slips into the Pacific Ocean. Starlit skies above redwoods and pines. Her fire. Hot coffee and a cold porch. Paper marigolds and candles to light the way. All the in-betweens.


Always him. 

And them.

Always them. 

And the way they are my roots and my home, the archives of my heart.

Fire pits and bistro lights and sage leaves on embers. Nature conservations where coyotes roam free, laughing all through the night. The power of three. And seven. Everyday altars around every turn. Dried pomegranates and foxglove, Nag Champa and anointing oils. Black ink and black clothes and black hair and black kohl. Or maybe just coffee brown kohl. But smudge and lived in. Brick red lips and white nail polish. Crisp, white linens. Rain and fog and the gloom that settles in like a soft blanket. The way flannels always feel like slipping into familiar skin. Blank notebooks and long novels and the way both feel like possibility every time the cover is first opened. 

This life.  

This life.  

This life.  


Tarot Word Of The Day

Normally, unless I have a specific question/issue I need to address, I simply ask the cards to tell me what I need to know for that day.

That's it.

Super simple.

Today, though, I wanted to try something a bit different when it came to my personal tarot practice. Instead of asking what I need to know, I concentrated on how I was feeling and allowed the cards to tell me about it/how to address it.

Ennui is the feeling of the day; that listlessness plaguing my bones, moving me from one thing to the next without much direction or enthusiasm. The vampire's demise.

So, I shuffled the decks, one by one, while concentrating on how I feel, giving name to it, and this is what the cards provided:

1. The Nomad Tarot: King of Water/Cups, inverted (moodiness)

2. The Raven's Prophecy Tarot: Knight of Wands (take action)

3. Linestrider Tarot: The Chariot (willpower, control)

4. Madam Clara Sees All: Six of Wands, inverted (lack of confidence)

5. The Wild Unknown Tarot: VII of Cups (illusion, it's all in your head)

I don't know about you, but I find it oddly thrilling (and sort of messed up) to see ALL my decks collectively calling me out, telling me to get out of my own head and do something about how I feel. lol

A little bit of overlay in my life. Or yours. Or whomever. You get what I mean.

I dabble in creative things.

For instance, I create digital and handdrawn designs to sell via Society6 and Skreened, and I once ran a business creating custom lettered art canvases and logos. I've handlettered a handful of tattoo designs, too. 

Before that, I was a professional portrait photographer for a few years. On top of all that, I have coded, created art for, and maintained blogs for years upon years. Like, 15 years upon years.

All that to say I love Photoshop. It's a deep and unabiding love affair.

But this quick little tip/tutorial? Well, it doesn't require Photoshop (though you CAN use it, too).

For those who may not follow me on other social media platforms, Mr. McHotterson (that would be my husband) recently gifted me a 12.9" iPad Pro because I had been dying for one to use for lettering purposes. I love pens and paper as much as the next person, but I always feel like the paper becomes wasteful (especially when I am working for a client because I'm a perfectionist), and my scans are never as clean as my aesthetic would like--hence the iPad. This information is pertinent because part of this overlay tip was created using the ProCreate App on my iPad. This is what I am currently using for lettering, and I love it! 

Also, while we're on the subject of apps, you'll need to download the AfterLight app. It is available in iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Store for $0.99. It is my main editing app for all things photographic (with VSCO Cam as a close second), and is definitely worth your 99 cents.

Let's get to it, shall we?

First, open your image in AfterLight and edit as you see fit:

Next, select the crop and rotate option to open those tools, then select the overlay option (circled in the image below):

Now, choose the image you wish to overlay on your original (this one was created using the ProCreate app, an Apple Pencil, and an iPad Pro). You can enlarge the image and position it around while in this window:

Then, decide how your overlay works best with the original image. For my image, I decided on Screen as the blending option:

Using Screen as my blending option allowed for my white lettering to stay opaque (though I did adjust that) while my black background virtually disappeared.

And here is the final, edited image ready to be shared on Instagram: 

So, go, play around with your images to find what works for what you envision and have fun with this quick tip!

* Of course, as a disclaimer, I must point out using any art--drawings, illustrations, lettering, photographs, poetry, etc.--other than your own may be a violation of someone's copyright, so if you don't have express permission or know for sure you may edit the image, please don't.