1. Sometimes I want to show up--all of me. All the dark and pieced together parts. There is no gold to fill the cracks, just a death grip to make sure it doesn't all fall apart.  

Other times I'm grateful for the superficial connections. They take less energy. Less work.  

2. Curating my own work with the dream of self-publishing a book. Short stories, poetry, and photos.  

Universe, this is me asking. Please.

3. Ice cold coconut water and chocolate covered salted caramels.

4. The way errands feel like a date.  The intimacy of shared observations.

5. Three hours in the front yard today, four hours yesterday, and all this black mulch spread about. The greenery really pops now.  

6. He's barbecuing tonight and I know he knows I'll sniff him as soon as he walks back in the house. The smell of smoke on his neck is intoxicating.  

7. Fresh, white sheets. I can't help it; I love them.  


1. It's not autumn yet, but oh how I wish it were. Days of temperatures over 110ºF, humidity that makes walking to the car feel more like swimming, sweat running in rivers.

I'm over it.

2. Back to the cards.

3. Vampy lips and lots of mascara, and the way it feels like another facet explored.

4. There are a lot of ways to apologize. And a lot of ways to realize sometimes you don't need to.

5. Copious amounts of hot tea, even in this heat. Masochist.

6. Still on the hunt for the perfect white tee. Sleeves need to be longer than cap sleeves, but short enough that they don't cover my whole bicep. Neckline needs to be low enough for cleavage and cage bras or high enough that it only shows my clavicle. Length has to be past my waist, but not to my hips. It can't be so flowy that I look pregnant, but not too fitted, either.

I wish I could make my own clothes.

7. September. Sept. Seven.


1. Find yourself a partner so thoughtful that when they see a bird in distress (it's about 111°F out where we live) in your courtyard, they fill a large tray with water and set it outside on the off chance the bird returns.

2. Because when you ask whose idea it was, because you were off picking up your daughter, your partner tries to play it off like it was the youngest's idea (even though it wasn't).

3. Because a person's character shines when they do something for someone or something that can provide nothing in return. 

4. Because a person that thoughtful of small needs will likely be as thoughtful of big needs.  

5. Because the sheepish grin when they realize you know it was their idea is everything.  

6. Because they will set an example for those around them.  

7. Because how fucking sweet is that?!