015. A summoning.

01. grey as far as the eye can see, and windows open each night. the shift has begun and it couldn’t have come soon enough.

02. Hustlers with the girl child, and it wasn’t what we expected. not in a bad way, just that we expected more Magic Mike and less sadness.

but, also, isn’t that just another lesson in being a woman?

03. shaking it for myself. wanting to reconnect with my body, and realizing the shimmy i wish i could see is already there. spending time praising these thick thighs and round hips and wideness.

04. playlists that feel like honey. like sweltering days and ice cubes on the neck. like crisp sheets and birdsong. like maxi dresses and a soft breeze.

05. i didn’t know i could look like that, move like that. when did i stop paying attention? why couldn’t i see?