Five things: a summoning. Five.

1. He's less sad about being sick and more upset that his friend, who has been sick for two weeks, might return to school today and he's missing her arrival. I feel badly that he's missing her, but the hacking cough is enough to tell me he needs this rest day.

2. I don't feel ready.

3. He suggests I focus any new purchases on clothing instead of makeup. You're not going to want to wear the same thing all the time; I know you, he says. I tell him I plan to wear athleisure wear every day since I have that kinesiology class anyway and no one to impress. He smiles, shaking his head at me. Or you could do that, he says.

4. Am I overthinking this? Probably. I'm not sure if it's the Type A, overachiever or the Capricorn in me or what. Can I blame my upbringing or the stars for the way I feel right now?

5. She says, Wow, your skin is looking really nice, Mama. And then I wake up with a spot right in the middle of my eyebrows. Do witchlette daughters inadvertently jinx us? Should I thank the gods she didn't mention chicken pox?