1. "Mama, you're so brown."

I think sometimes my kids forget I'm half-Filipina, too, but these last three weekends working in the yard seems to have reminded them. And me. Under this milky white lives golden melanin just waiting to get out. 

2. If it's going to be grey and rainy, it should be cold. This muggy, sticky stuff is ridiculous. 

3. Cropped sweaters and flared jeans. I'm so ready for Fall.

4.  Books. Boxes and boxes and boxes of them, and I feel giddy just handling them. 

5. Awake before the sun.  

6. The black dye seems to be completely washed out of my hair, and I'm not sure if I miss it enough to damage my hair further or if maybe I just miss the way I feel when my hair is black. 

7. Alphabetized by author last name, but also sorted by genre, then sub-genre, then series. Hours of work, and it doesn't feel like work. 

I feel like I would make a decent librarian. Is it too late? Have I missed my calling?

8. White paint and resin planters.  

9. The wisteria is blooming and the tendrils creep ever closer to our stucco. 

10. Why has no one invented the Everlasting Candle? I love the ambiance of real candles, but dislike the lack of longevity.