1. Grey floors and white, satin-finish walls.

2. The duvet is fluffy and soft, and the pillows are plentiful, and I wish I could strip out of these jeans and enjoy the breeze from the fan on my bare legs.

3. Coming back. To the words. To the cards. To my own reflection. Giving each thing space and grace.

4. Listening to them talk while they work. Women and video games and pointing out they are over bars. "I'm not really attracted to girls who are into that anymore. Maybe when I was 18 to 20, but not anymore."

5. Suddenly 36 feels so old. But also, really, really doesn't.

6. Eight of Wands. Inverted. And all I can think about is how his eyes met mine as I shuffled and I wondered when they would be done. Extroverted introvert. The cards always know.

7. Little brothers and estranged parents. The way you can think you know someone and they become a stranger. They way you can meet a stranger and wonder what it would be like to really know them.

8. It's that time of year when all I want is the heat to pass and the chill to settle in, and I stand in my closet wondering why I don't own more cardigans and moto leggings.

9. Roasted seaweed and fresh rice.

10. I don't want to check out, but sometimes I want to turn down.