The Coffee Chronicles | Day Two

Dear Coffee, 

I am not even two hours into my day and already I have a raging headache.  

Truth is, I'm pretty sure it is the same one from yesterday and it just decided to linger. 

This break isn't going as well as I had hoped, you know? 

I knew I would feel poorly yesterday morning, of course I would, but I figured today would be a fresh start.  

It doesn't feel like a fresh start.  

It feels like I want coffee.  

Like I want you back.  

Like lying here in bed, dreaming of your delicious caffeine and how good you make me feel.  

In the last hour, I have thought about you no less than four times. 

I have been tempted.  

So tempted.  

I don't know how I'm going to do this.  

xo, n