That One Perfect Piece.

This dress.  


It is the lightest cotton, and the bottom swishes around my feet in the Morticia-est of ways.

I wore it throughout my pregnancy with my youngest (though it isn't a maternity dress) and have kept it in heavy rotation since. I even wore it to the beach when Mr. McHotterson and I celebrated our 17th anniversary in Hawai'i.

I tell my husband often that, one day, I want a closet of all black clothing. Because it is the color I feel the best in, the color that feels most like me.

This dress? This dress is the maxi dress of my black closet dreams. When I wear it, I feel like a force. I feel powerful. I feel sexy (hello, cleavage!). I feel pulled together.

I do believe I will sob the day this dress falls apart.

Loud, heaving sobs.

The kind that come with hiccups and headaches.

Of all the everyday clothes I own, this is by far and away my favorite.

Do you have a piece in your wardrobe like this?