The Father Of My Beasties, The Love Of My Life.

My man woke up to a Giants game (and a win), loud thunder and pouring rain, and handmade cards.

While I am not sure that is how he wanted to spend his first few waking moments, he is a man of few words, so I am guessing he did not mind it much.  

And now he is making pancakes while I keep him company because he's never been the kind of person to loaf about all day and be served (like the king he actually is) … and, really, he is far better at pancake making than I am. 

I have taken it upon myself to at the very least keep his coffee mug filled with warm sweetness. 

Never mind that every Mother's Day he steals away downstairs with the Beasties in tow so I can sleep in while they make breakfast.

After almost 18 years together, you would think I know he simply does not like being the center of attention, that he is not one to revel in being waited on, but the truth is he is the center of my world, so it feels natural to me to show him he is the Earth, and I am the moon.

Only, that is not his "love language." 

Instead, he would rather just have a day dedicated to doing whatever his heart desires, whether that is making breakfast for his family because he enjoys cooking or watching our boys play a new video game while our daughter and I sit nearby and talk about YouTube videos. 

So, that is where you will find us today--just being. However he wants. Wherever he wants. Just being with him.

And I cannot think of a better way to celebrate him this Father's Day.