Where Do We Go From Here?

At some point, we as a society have decided to turn our heads.

We say we'll pray and we'll digitally sign our names to petitions, and we'll change our profile photo using some Facebook generated overlay (but only for a few days, because #selfies).

But, really, we've turned our heads. We've closed our eyes so tightly to the horrors around us that even the light has a hard time getting through.

The blinders we wear have now become walls.

We are jaded and grief stricken. We are tired and angry.

And, yet, nothing changes.

Are there small scale victories? Sure. 

But, what I want to know is at what point will we stop praying for change and start demanding it?

This article by Jaye Watson about the massacre at Pulse Club in Orlando (because that's what it was--a hate crime massacre)? It gutted me.

Gutted me.

Because that could have been my brother texting my mom.

Because that could have been one of my dear friend's hiding in that bathroom afraid for their lives.

Because I read Eddie Justice's last words to his mother and sobbed. Because I am a mother. Because Mrs. Justice has lost her son. Because forty-eight other mothers have lost their children. And for what?

For what?

A senseless act of violence that we as a society allowed to happen because we do nothing to stop it.

It's true.

It's our fault.

If we'll look the other way after something like Columbine or Sandy Hook--if we'll forget what those horrific mass shootings should have taught us years ago--what hope is there for us and who are we to blame anyone but ourselves?