I've always wanted to be Sally Owens.

It's true. 

Well, sort of.

The fact is, I'm probably more like Gillian than I am Sally.

Or maybe more Aunt Frances (RizzoForLife!).

In any case, I have dark hair and an affinity for making scrubs and apothecary goods, but I also really love magic, and don't really put too much stock in the opinions of others. Or the idea of a "normal" life.

That said, if I could light candle wicks by simply blowing on them gently, I'd save a whole lot on lighters and never have to search the house top to bottom when wanting to burn some Nag Champa.

Anyway, if you're new around here, welcome to the newly designed site! I'm Nicole (insert waving emoji here), creator and owner of all things The Wild In-Between.

I created a wildly successful (to me) "We Are The Granddaughters Of The Witches You Could Not Burn" design that now floats about the internet, and the world, care of Skreened and Society6. In addition to that design, I dabble in creating art that is occult/witch centric and offer tarot card readings.

Which is where this new design fits in.

You see, here is where you will find me blogging about life as a wife and mom, as well as a practicing Pagan witch. Here is where you will find recipes I use to celebrate Sabbats or simply to get dinner on the table during a busy weeknight. Here is where you will also find photos of, well, just about anything (mostly food, tarot cards, and the little people in my life) as well as the occasional review on books, makeup, and tarot decks.  

Oh, there is now a shop for tarot readings, too, if you are so inclined.

As a thank you for your support, and in celebration of today's New Moon and website launch, I'd like to offer 5 (five) people a free tarot reading of their choice. Simply peruse the shop, pick a reading, and leave a comment here to include what reading you'd like and the best way to contact you. If more than 5 (five) people comment, the querents will be chosen randomly; most likely by my youngest as he cannot yet read, so it levels the playing field because there is no bias. ;)

I hope you sit a spell (come on, you had to know that was coming), and enjoy your stay.