Five Things: A summoning. One.

1. Water. After seven hours of having it shut off to our home while they fixed a leak at our main water line, I will never take the privilege of water for granted again.  

2. The way he kept looking back through the crowd until he found my face. The way he smiled and waved, then made his way to class.  

3. Figuring out my face. Realizing my full cheeks compete with heavy eye makeup, aging me needlessly. Falling in love with my skin, caring for it and nurturing it. 

4. I want to live in leggings and high top Vans. Is that weird? I feel like that’s weird. Shouldn’t I be dressing my age? And what does that even mean? 

5. Butter chicken and mini naan. The way their hands will keep reaching in for more. The conversations and laughter. I hope they keep the tradition of family dinners with their someday babies.


* Inspired by the ever amazing and talented Alisha of