Style: Date night.

My style is best described as athleisure-meets-edgy, and if you walked into my closet, you’d find my color coordinated wardrobe consists of black, burgundy, black, grey, moss green, black, rust, white, and black.

I am nothing if not consistent. 

See, for an everyday look in these cooler months, just give me a low-cut tee with leggings and trainers topped off with a sleek moto jacket and I’m in heaven.  

When I feel like dressing it up, I’ll throw on a body con or maxi dress, add a cardigan with its sleeves pushed up, and use my tattoos as accessories.  

Even my professional aesthetic is pencil pants or skirt with a form-fitting sweater, blouse, or a tailored blazer. In all black, please.

Don’t forget the heels.

So, for date night, I had to skirt those edges again, you know?

That is where this beauty comes in: 

The M-Slit is just this side of appropriate, for me, and I love it! I can’t wait to wear this with a cropped moto jacket and some stilettos, or without the jacket but with a stack of necklaces.

If you’re not comfortable with the high slits, there is enough material that you could tack them together in a few places along the hem without losing the edgy “sexy without trying too hard” aesthetic.

This is the kind of dress I wear knowing I’ll be sitting across the table from my man in a darkened restaurant, stealing glances at him and fries off his plate while we share inside jokes and decompress after a long week.

So, tell me, what do you wear on date night? 

* For reference, my measurements are 5’3”, 42G-36-42, size 14/XL on bottom, and XL/XXL on top (depending on brand, cut, and style).

For this dress, I purchased a 2X because if you know anything about Forever21’s plus sizing, you know it’s inconsistent. For instance, this dress fits my curves perfectly, but I also have a dress from the same brand that is a 3X that fits too small as well as a dress in an XL that fits just right.

Basically, what I am saying is be prepared for returns if you’re shopping online here.